30 Days of Blogging: Day 8

Day 8:  Write about something that makes you smile.

Oh goodness there’re so many things..! I like:

  • Waking up to the sound of birdsong – I find it really peaceful, and always makes me feel calm and happy.
  • Getting into a freshly-made bed after having a shower whilst wearing clean pyjamas – literally can’t think of anything more satisfying than this..! It makes me feel so snuggly and cosy!
  • The smell of fresh bread. LOVE. IT.
  • Watching my brother proudly making himself a huge bowl of cereal, with no regrets (he told me the other day about how he holds the cereal down while he pours in the milk to stop the cereal from overflowing!!). I’m so glad he’s got such a healthy relationship with food. I’m always worried in case some of my behaviours around it run off on him – I would hate for him to have to experience something like what I’ve been through.
  • Getting time to watch funny films or videos when I don’t have to worry about finishing school work etc.
  • Watching someone opening a present that I’ve spent ages choosing, and knowing that they’re going to love it. It’s such a nice feeling giving someone that perfect gift..!
  • Surprising my parents by doing jobs around the house for them without them having to ask, or by cooking them something yummy. I really enjoy helping others, and when I’m feeling up to it, I try to do as much as I can to help..!

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