30 Days of Blogging: Day 3

Day 3:  What’s inside your purse (bag)?

This is the bag I usually carry around with me. I got it from Accessorize before I went on holiday last year. I much prefer backpacks to handbags, as they’re super easy to carry around, and can fit A TON of stuff in them..!

I like to take a little makeup bag with me in my bag – just incase I need to touch up my makeup on the go. I’ve got: a lip balm with an SPF 15 – which I got from pound stretcher; a No7 lip crayon in the shade ‘Rasberry Wine’ – from Boots; some eyelash curlers – from Kiko Cosmetics; a Bourjois pressed powder in the shade ’52 Vanilla’, and a small powder brush to apply it with – both from Boots; and a small handbag bottle of Lancôme’s ‘La Vie Est Belle’ perfume.

I’ve obviously got my purse to carry my cards and money in. I got this one from Primark a while ago (hence why it’s in such bad condition..!). I like having quite a big purse, as it means it can double as a mini clutch bag on days where I don’t feel like carrying much.

I always like to keep a snack or two in my bag for emergencies. At the moment I have a Trek ‘Berry Burst’ bar, and two Trek ‘Coco Coconut’ flapjacks – which are absolutely delicious! They taste just like a Bounty bar!

I also like to have a packet of mints or chewing gum, for when I want to have nice, fresh breath. I really like the bubblegum flavoured chewing gum at the moment, so I’ve got a (nearly used-up!) packet of that, along with some regular mints.

I tend to keep my little journal for therapy in my bag, too. So that if something happens, I can write about it before I forget..! I got this little notebook in Portugal last summer. The quote on the front means “Dare yourself to live your own adventure.” – which I thought was really cute..! I have a matching pen, and then just a regular biro which I got from Tesco.

Lastly I’ve got a packet of tissues and a little bottle of hand sanitiser, which I always like to have with me so that I’m prepared for every occasion..!
P.S. Sorry this post is so late – for some reason it didn’t upload properly yesterday, so I’ve had to re-do it and upload it today instead..!


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